How can LASCO can help distributors?

Services for Distributors

  1. Assist non-USA distributors in establishing direct business links with manufacturers and suppliers in the USA.
  2. Provide guidance to distributors on the entire process of importing USA-supplied goods: beginning with the shipment out of the manufacturer’s warehouse; to the transport of products to a distributor’s freight forwarder; and on to its front door.
  3. Provide technical training to distributors; including training the distributor’s purchasing department team members; and supplying salespeople with technical product know-how that will help provide the best possible support to the distributor’s end consumers.
  4. Solve problems related to shipping errors; including missing or wrong merchandise sent outside the USA to the distributor’s country.
  5. Help provide appropriate product warranty remedies to distributors in unique international situations.
  6. Participate in joint fleet sales calls with distributors with the purpose of providing technical training to end consumers; and helping distributors explain a brand’s features and benefits to end consumers.
  7. Create and issue documents and technical product bulletins, in a distributor’s language, using relevant local technical jargon.
  8. Help distributors identify products that are being requested by its end-consumers by the way of images, videos, part numbers (cross references) or vehicle applications.
  9. Process commercial credit term requests of 15, 30 or 60 days to help facilitate international commerce and transactions between a manufacturer and a distributor.
  10. Process orders and provide quotes for transactions between a distributor and a manufacturer via LASCO’s proven method that minimizes human errors.
  11. Work alongside a distributor and a manufacturer to expedite rush orders; or help process those orders that have a delivery dates with specific requirements (for example, those that need to be delivered by a certain date to allow them being included on a specific ship sailing).